What are Millets?

Millets are a type of ancient grains but they are the new trendy superfood. They are a powerhouse of nutrition, naturally gluten free, alkaline and has low glycemic index, which makes it a great source of healthy carbohydrates for people that are diabetic, celiac and/or has gluten free needs or just for anyone looking for a healthier slow carb alternative.

Why Millets?

Nutritionally, millets are a great source of protein, fibre and minerals like iron, magnesium, phosphorous and potassium. Environmentally, millets are sustainable to grow due to their ability to grow in dry, tropical conditions with very less water and they do not require fertilizers or pesticides. Millet is not just one grain, there are many different types of millets which are all unique in their taste and nutritional profile which adds diversity to the diet. Overall, they are tiny grains with huge benefits to both farmers and consumers!


Reviving an Ancient Grain

Millets in history date back to 2800 BC. During prehistoric times, people in India were cultivating millet. Millet’s travel continued throughout the Middle East and Northern Africa where it became a staple. It further became a typical food of the Sumerian diet about 2500 BC and then, made its way from China to the Black Sea region of Europe by 5000 BC.┬áMillets have been the staple food for millions inhabiting most of the Asian and African countries and parts of Europe, in the form of various traditional foods and beverages, such as bread, porridges, treats and snack foods. Due to the increasing number of people with Gluten-intolerance and Diabetes in North America, Kosha Foods is on a mission to revive this ancient grain by bringing it to the spotlight and help people make healthier food choices.

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